Watch This C-17 Plop Down On A Dirt Airstrip And Cough Up Two Apaches Like A Boss

America’s ability to unpredictably project power nearly anywhere in the world on short notice is a strategic advantage that has become more valuable than ever before. The C-17 is a major part of this equation, able to move everything from Abrams main battle tanks to massive fuel bladders into short and even dirt…


C-17s With Fighter Escort Drop 50 Tons Of Arms To Fighters In Northern Syria

Multiple reports state that the Pentagon air-dropped cargo pallets full of small arms, ammo, grenades and other weaponry to supposedly vetted forces known as the Syrian Arab Army operating in the Al-Hasakah province of Syria. The drop was made via a division of C-17A cargo aircraft flying under fighter cover.

Lockheed Moves Foward With Big Blended Wing Hybrid Transport Jet Design

Lockheed has had a busy month attempting to stake its claim to America’ staple military aerospace capabilities, unveiling their U-2 replacement concept. Now their large blended wing cargo hauling jet design, dubbed the Hybrid Wing Body, that has been in the works for over six years and aimed to be a great improvement…

This Is The End Of The Line For The USAF's Most Versatile Cargo Jet

The C-17 has been in production for 25 years, with 279 Globemasters emerging from Boeing's (and once McDonnell Douglas') historic Long Beach factory. Yesterday, the final aircraft had its wings mated to its massive fuselage, ending not just the production run of the C-17, but the 72-year-old plant that produced it.