Busta Rhymes Ain't Gonna Take Any Spit — On His Car

Busta Rhymes, star of film, music and mayhem, was arrested Saturday, seven days after an alleged Aug. 12 attack on a fan who according to court documents "accidentally spit on Rhymes' car." These same court documents also allege Rhymes, 34, responded by allegedly kicking Lebron into a concussion, splitting his lip… » 8/21/06 7:29pm 8/21/06 7:29pm

Busta Rhymin' Mad Crazy On Ferrari Crash

What happens when a Ferrari ends up in a rose bush outside of Busta Rhymes producers' house...and Busta's got a video camera? Hilarity, that's what. Suffice it to say, ya pro'lly shouldn't be watchin' it at work. Or watch it work, what do we care? » 4/05/06 5:24pm 4/05/06 5:24pm