Paraguayan Bus Drivers Crucify Themselves To Try To Get Jobs Back

Eight bus drivers in the South American nation of Paraguay have crucified themselves after being fired two months ago. They say they were let go after demanding better pay and conditions, and have remained nailed to their crosses for at least two weeks. » 8/31/13 10:00am 8/31/13 10:00am

Another Shady Bus Company Shut Down After Dumping Passengers

Another shady bus company has been shut down by the Feds after dumping its passengers at a Virginia truck stop and leaving them there for 24 hours. Weirdly, a company with the exact same everything including owners, drivers, and buses was already shut down by the Feds last year. Weeeirrrd. » 8/18/13 10:00am 8/18/13 10:00am

The Ten Most Ambitious Failed Utopian Mass Transit Systems

A bridge to the moon or just a train ride that doesn't take forever? The last two centuries were full of fantastic ideas for mass transportation, but some just couldn't be turned into reality. » 8/14/13 11:16am 8/14/13 11:16am

A Rotating Bus Turntable Lurks Beneath A Grimy Times Square Hotel

One of the joys of living in a big city is finding out how much of the city survives from years gone by, just beneath the tinsel of renovation. That's part of the reason why I found this old rotating bus turntable beneath a dirty Times Square hotel so fascinating. » 7/14/13 12:30pm 7/14/13 12:30pm