You Can Buy The Bandit Trans Am Owned By Burt Reynolds 

So Honda wants you to get all nostalgic and buy a lame-ass CR-V, but you know better. You want something iconic, with a V8, and a gold screaming chicken on the hood. You want something that will go with your awesome mustache. You want the 1977 Trans Am "Bandit" that was owned by Mr. Burt Reynolds himself. »12/02/14 3:18pm12/02/14 3:18pm


Remembering Hal Needham and the Birth of Redneck Cinema

The iconic director Hal Needham has died at the age of 82 from cancer. In 1977 the former stuntman and his pals Burt Reynolds, Sally Field and Jackie Gleason invented a new genre of movie. Smokey and the Bandit may not seem earth-shattering now, but it changed Hollywood forever. To remember Hal, we're reprinting our… »10/26/13 12:33pm10/26/13 12:33pm

'Well, They Said It Couldn't be Done!' 'That's the Reason, Son!'

Alfred Hitchcock once called this film his favorite guilty pleasure. "East/Westbound And Down" is one of the best country & western tracks ever recorded. Plus, it features Sally Field when she was still totally hot. Is it any wonder we've wanted a '77 Trans Am ever since we were very small? If you don't like Smokey… »7/07/06 11:30pm7/07/06 11:30pm

Jalopnik Late Night: Folks Are Thirsty in Atlanta, and There's Beer in Texarkana

Come on everybody, sing along! "East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'..." We loved Smokey and the Bandit as a small child, and 19 29 years later (after the movie, not our childhood) it's still good, if not better. An impossibly cute Sally Field, theme-song singer Jerry Reed as the loveable Snowman, one of… »4/28/06 12:00am4/28/06 12:00am

Navigatin' With Bandit, B.A. and the Photojournalist from 'Apocalypse Now'

TomTom's been offering the voice of John Cleese on its nav systems for a while now, but other companies are starting to get into the celeb-navigator act. NavTones has contracted with Dennis Hopper, Mr. T and Burt Reynolds to provide voices that can be loaded into navigation systems. CNN/Money took each actor for a… »12/01/05 10:59pm12/01/05 10:59pm