Running From Cops With 15 Quarts Of Oil In Your Clothes Is A Bad Idea

Jorge Sanchez appeared to know exactly where he was headed when he walked into a Burbank, Calif. Costco last week: straight to the oil aisle. When he showed up at the register a few pounds heavier, Costco employees knew something was up. » 2/05/13 4:20pm 2/05/13 4:20pm

Corvairs Make the Books in Burbank

A small but dedicated group of Corvair owners met at our favorite Burbank bookstore this last Saturday morning for some rear engine togetherness. Among the examples attending were a Corvair powered by a Buick V-8, and a '69 Glass Enterprises Bounty Hunter Corvair-powered Dune Buggy. Our attention was divided between… » 5/22/07 3:00pm 5/22/07 3:00pm

Yes, Johnny! Alfa Romeos in Burbank

Saturday morning in Los Angeles sometimes leads to the former broadcast home of Johnny Carson and the birthplace of the SR-71. There's something good going on at Burbank's Autobooks-Aerobooks most every Saturday morning, and sometimes the fun even stretches into the afternoon with book signings and hob-nobbing. This… » 2/24/07 7:49pm 2/24/07 7:49pm