Aggro Drivers More Likely To Have Bumper Stickers, Says Dude In Lab Coat

Psychologist William Szlemko of Colorado State University has been studying the aggressive-driving tendencies of those who personalize their cars with stickers, vanity plates, etc., and he claims that his study shows that the more personalized "territorial markers" on a car, the more aggressive its driver is likely to… »6/18/08 10:20am6/18/08 10:20am

What's Your Mostest/Leastest Favorite Bumper Sticker?

We've never really understood the impulse to plaster slogans on the back of one's vehicle. True, in high school we did order a bunch of stickers with pictures of a screw on them out of National Lampoon and for a week most of our neighbors' cars suddenly announced, "I [Screw] My Kids," and "I [Screw] My Horse."… »7/10/07 12:45pm7/10/07 12:45pm