Street-Legal Bumper Cars Are A Carnival Nightmare Come True

Gasoline-powered street-legal bumper cars are the perfect convergence of any car guy's adult and childhood fantasies. Now one San Diego mechanic is custom building a collection of gasoline-powered and completely street-legal (and registered) bumper car cars. He outfits the vintage shells with 750cc Kawasaki bike… »6/13/08 2:20pm6/13/08 2:20pm

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Electric Bumper Cars

One of our first experiences with driving was behind the wheel of a bumper car at a catfish festival in rural Texas, and we've never looked back. If we had a young child in the house, we're not sure if we could deny them these "Dodgem" electric bumper cars from electronics manufacturer Maplin. These little beauties… »11/06/07 4:15pm11/06/07 4:15pm