How many Ft-Lbs of torque do you own?

Although a car's horsepower is the statistic you hear about more often, many argue Ft-Lbs of torque is the one that matters. Because our personal cars produce more torque than horsepower, I guess we agree. How many Ft-Lbs of torque do you own? » 2/05/11 4:00pm 2/05/11 4:00pm

What Are Your Automotive Goals This Year?

On New Year's Day, In the midst of reminding ourselves what we didn't accomplish last year, we often vow that this will be the year we <fill in the blank> . What are your automotive goals for this coming year? » 1/01/11 4:00pm 1/01/11 4:00pm

Personal Project Car Hell Edition: 1972 Plymouth Valiant

Welcome to Found Off The Street, our look at cars found on the cape that rust liked so much it decided to summer there; Cape Cod, MA. Today we have a special personal project car hell edition 1972 Plymouth Valiant. » 12/26/10 9:00am 12/26/10 9:00am