"Bumblebee" Chevy Camaro Available To Order Starting June 1st

As expected, GM's announced to dealers a limited Chevy Camaro Bumblebee Edition will be available to order beginning June 1st. Production will run from June 24th through December. Expected upgrades will be only what meets the eye — rally yellow coloring, black stripes and Transformers badging inside. » 5/20/09 6:19pm 5/20/09 6:19pm

Transformers 2 "Bumblebee" Camaro Heading To Chicago Auto Show

Jalopnik readers have already seen it, but Chevy and Paramount have handily coordinated with New York Comic Con, announcing they'll be officially unveiling Bumblebee from Transformers 2 next week at the Chicago Auto Show. » 2/06/09 9:45am 2/06/09 9:45am