SUPER ENGINE-EXTRACTION POTENTIAL! Bumbeck's Starion Goes Under the Wrench

Yeah, whatever, schmoes. Bumbeck is manly enough to yank his own 2.6L Hemi — with hood-removal assistance from Coonce — and live to tell about it. Soon, the Mighty Starion shall rise, relieved of its Achilles' Jet Valves. And your boots? Well, they'll just have to get used to your quaking in them. Deal with it. » 9/23/06 2:30am 9/23/06 2:30am

Bumbeck Talks More About What's Wrong with Racing

One of the major topics of last weekend's shindig up at Coonce's was how the corporate nature of major-league motor racing has murdered the spirit that made it so goddamn badass from its inception at the turn of the last century until around 1983 or so. Fights in the pits. Match-racing as drug-distribution network.… » 6/13/06 12:51am 6/13/06 12:51am

He's a Killer, He'll Rip Out Your Heart: Supressida

Bumbeck, knowin' all 'bout how we're all up ons with the Q-ships around here, lobbed over a pic of Monnish Prakash's 1991 Cressida. What's all muy especial about it, you may ask? Well, kidlets, ask and you shall receive. Two turbos attached to the late-model Supra mill, Tein suspension, a beefy intercooler and… » 6/02/06 10:35pm 6/02/06 10:35pm

Yellow Fever, Green Corn: Ethanol Boosters Boosting, Skeptics Skepticizing

According to a friend of ours, the OnStar lady is a liar. She told him there were only six ethanol stations in Iowa, when apparently, there are around 45. Still, according to MarketWatch, there are only about 700 E85-dispensing petro-palaces in these United States, which works out to an average of fourteen per state.… » 5/30/06 11:30pm 5/30/06 11:30pm

You Never Should've Killed the Starion: Mitsu May Say Goodbye to US

Let's just put it this way: We never made it to Webelo status, so "Be Prepared" was never fully burned into our consciousness as though by a hot brand on the flank of a longhorn. And since we don't have an Automotive News subscription, we can't give you details on this one. But apparently, Mitsubishi is considering… » 5/30/06 4:00pm 5/30/06 4:00pm

Five Corporations: Big Companies Produce More CO2 Than All of UK's Cars

The other day, while Uncle Bumbeck was picking up a new head for the Starion and a set of 13" slot mags for the Starlet at the junkyard, he was talking about all of the cool vintage Japanese iron that was sitting there, waiting to be stripped and crushed as a result of buyback plans, which of course, are often funded… » 5/17/06 7:30pm 5/17/06 7:30pm