The Bullrunners Try to Take Their Love to Town, Cops Tell Them, 'Don't.'

We just heard from Annabelle Frankl, the first woman ever to get arrested on the Bullrun, that a pack of around 25 ralliers were rolling through a wooded area in the Peach State at around 125 mph. When they emerged from the engorged thicket, the police were waiting in the median and picked off the whole group. The… »5/16/07 4:15pm

Girls Go Wild Over Bullrun; La Femme Frankl Kicks Wert's Ass In Pool

On top of the fast cars, Bullrun's also known for the fast women — but other than a few like the lovely Annabelle Frankl, they're normally not drivers. Usually, they're just a bunch of ladies with a penchant for wildness — drawn to the fast action and even faster dropping of bills at the bar. Once in a while however… »5/13/07 12:35pm