The Bullrunners Try to Take Their Love to Town, Cops Tell Them, 'Don't.'

We just heard from Annabelle Frankl, the first woman ever to get arrested on the Bullrun, that a pack of around 25 ralliers were rolling through a wooded area in the Peach State at around 125 mph. When they emerged from the engorged thicket, the police were waiting in the median and picked off the whole group. The… » 5/16/07 4:15pm 5/16/07 4:15pm

Texas Duo Claims to Have Broken 1979 Cannonball NYC To LA Run

Bearded Bullrun impresario Richard Rawlings and co-pilot Dennis Collins claim to have broken the famous 1979 Cannonball Run time from New York City to Los Angeles of 32 hours and 51 minutes. According to a release, the two bet rival Jay Riecke they could beat the time in their 2007 Bullrun entry, a black Ferrari 550… » 5/14/07 2:52pm 5/14/07 2:52pm

Bullrun 2007: Mother's Day Morning Running With The Bulls

We made it out of Boston this Mother's Day morning at what seemed like the crack o' dawn. In reality, it was like 9:00 AM. It just felt much earlier due to the pounding headache from the debauchery of the night prior but whatevs, as you can see — by the time the Team #70 Escalade made it to the lineup, we were already… » 5/13/07 7:58pm 5/13/07 7:58pm

Girls Go Wild Over Bullrun; La Femme Frankl Kicks Wert's Ass In Pool

On top of the fast cars, Bullrun's also known for the fast women — but other than a few like the lovely Annabelle Frankl, they're normally not drivers. Usually, they're just a bunch of ladies with a penchant for wildness — drawn to the fast action and even faster dropping of bills at the bar. Once in a while however… » 5/13/07 12:35pm 5/13/07 12:35pm

The Bullrun Is Here! The Bullrun Is Here!

Yup, we're in Boston now. Team Twins have been reunited — everything is all peachy keen. While we decompress a bit after an exciting and exhausting day, we've put together some of the sights and livery of the first day of the Bullrun — or at least the morning of the first day. We'll have the full story up soon to… » 5/12/07 8:02pm 5/12/07 8:02pm

Bullrun 2007: The Bullrun Is Coming! The Bullrun Is Coming!

We've got two Frankls coming by land, none by sea — one Frankls gotten to the checkpoint, while another's just trying to avoid a coronary from my inability to capture a picture of a "moose crossing" sign. But fear not, all is now well — as evidenced above, I finally did get the picture. It'll serve as proof that we've… » 5/12/07 6:26pm 5/12/07 6:26pm

Bullrun 2007: We're In Vermont, Meow!

We've picked up Annabelle in the Escalade — and she's taking the wheel as we head through Vermont to Conway, New Hampshire to meet up with her big (by 20 minutes) brother. We'll have pictures up from earlier at the start of the race shortly. So sit back for a while, meow, and be entertained. » 5/12/07 2:22pm 5/12/07 2:22pm

Bullrun 2007: Paris Hilton's A No-Show In Montreal!

We didn't see her last night at the pre-party, and now we're hearing TMZ's reporting that Paris won't be here for the kick-off of the 2007 Bullrun. Apparently that doesn't exclude her from the rest of the stops in the rally, but she won't be here in Montreal today. While we're somewhat ambivalent, we know all of you… » 5/12/07 9:00am 5/12/07 9:00am

Bullrun 2007: What Will Wert Drive?

Ok, we saw what Nicholas and Annabelle's whip'll be — but that's only two seats. How am I going to provide the full width and breadth of pageantry and lifestyle coverage you're expecting? Well — as I've never always said — if you're gonna ride, you've got to ride in playa' style. Because with this bad boy, I'll be… » 5/12/07 7:45am 5/12/07 7:45am

Bullrun 2007: Annabelle, Your Big Brother's Comin' To Getcha!

This is Nicholas Frankl. Nicholas Frankl is sad. Why is Nicholas Frankl so sad? Nicholas is sad because his twin sis Annabelle is across the border in the land of the stars n' bars while Nicholas parties it up here in the land o' the red maple leaf. But fear not sweet Annabelle, your big brother (by 20 minutes) is on… » 5/12/07 1:46am 5/12/07 1:46am

Jalopnik Takes The Bullrun By The Horns

In case you're not doing anything over the weekend — feel free to come join Wert on a little adventure he'll be taking following some friends in a Chevy Corvette Z06 as they have some fun rallying from Montreal to Key West. That's right — our Senior Editor's already up in the tundra of Montreal and starting tomorrow… » 5/11/07 5:20pm 5/11/07 5:20pm