There Will Be A Steve McQueen Biopic & Daniel Craig Should Star

On March 24th, 1930 one of the highest paid Hollywood actors Steve McQueen was born in Beech Grove, Indiana. McQueen's popularity skyrocketed after playing starring roles in huge hits like The Great Escape, The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, and Le Mans. » 3/24/15 12:41pm 3/24/15 12:41pm

I Really Wish This Wasn't A Hoax

If this 1968 Dodge Charger manual was real, this would easily go down in history as the baddest-ass owner's manual in all of human culture. Sadly, it's not, but that doesn't mean we can't take a moment to really appreciate it. » 12/17/14 9:35pm 12/17/14 9:35pm

Watch Bullitt's Famous Chase Scene On A Race Track

Besides Steve McQueen's impeccable coolness, everyone knows the best thing about 1968's Bullitt is the famous chase scene between Det. Frank Bullitt's Mustang GT and the nefarious black Charger R/T. What if it happened at England's Silverstone Circuit instead of the streets of San Francisco? » 5/09/14 9:03am 5/09/14 9:03am

Steve McQueen's Cool-Ass Blazer From Bullitt Could Sell For $800K

Were you inspired to go out and get yourself a Bullitt Mustang after my story last week about how it's destined to become a future classic? If so, consider completing the look by investing in the brown blazer that Steve McQueen wore in the iconic film. » 7/02/13 3:35pm 7/02/13 3:35pm

Why The Ford Mustang Bullitt Is The Next Great Future Classic

We have yet to feature an American car on Future Classics, and that is an oversight I plan to correct today. And I will do so in the most American way possible — with a V8-powered Ford Mustang that takes its name from a Steve McQueen movie famous for a car chase. » 6/28/13 5:40pm 6/28/13 5:40pm

Would You Pay A Cool $1 Million For The Dodge Charger From Bullitt?

It may not be a dark green Mustang, but this is your chance to own a piece of history from the legendary Steve McQueen flick Bullitt. As long as you're prepared to pay a million dollars for it, anyway. » 3/07/13 2:55pm 3/07/13 2:55pm

Watch The Bullitt Chase Remake From The Alcatraz Finale

Here's the Bullitt chase scene from the show Alcatraz we told you about a couple of weeks ago. This time Steve McQueen's role is played by Detective Rebecca Madsen and there's a brand new 2013 Ford Mustang chasing down a new Dodge Charger. » 3/27/12 8:05am 3/27/12 8:05am

Alcatraz TV Show Remakes Bullitt Chase With 2013 Mustang

The TV show Alcatraz knows how to do a season finale properly. For the end of their first season, they remade the infamous chase scene from Bullitt — shot-for-shot. Well, actually, they did throw in a few extra corners. » 3/12/12 1:30pm 3/12/12 1:30pm

Watch the new trailer for the greatest car chase in movie history... at…

We've been eagerly awaiting the 1/32-scale Bullitt chase since we first saw Stephen Day's trailer back in February. Day just sent us this updated version, which includes a premiere date. Get your tiny bags of popcorn ready for February 2012. » 10/28/11 1:30pm 10/28/11 1:30pm

Bullitt chase perfectly recreated for crappy music video

Give credit to the director of this music video for making me volunteer to listen to this remarkably awful song in order to see a period correct-looking Charger and Mustang race around the streets of San Francisco. It's for the song "Fun" by someone named Sharam. It's like "Friday" but less catchy and more repetitive. » 5/05/11 2:30pm 5/05/11 2:30pm

Don't call the 450-hp Steve McQueen Signature Mustang a Bullitt

The estate of Steve McQueen and Gateway Classic Mustang teamed up to build the ultimate tribute to his highland green Mustang from Bullitt. It's got a Roush 450-hp V8 small block and trick suspension. All it lacks is a name. » 3/15/11 1:30pm 3/15/11 1:30pm

Dig this mashup of '70s nerd jazz and the Bullitt car chase

If you've endured a smoke-filled dorm screening of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon dubbed over The Wizard of Oz without lapsing into a coma, you'll dig this "fusion" of Mahavishnu Orchestra and the Bullitt chase. Dude, it works! » 3/04/11 4:00pm 3/04/11 4:00pm

Watch the greatest car chase in movie history... at 1/32 Scale

A slot enthusiast is shooting and editing a shot-by-shot remake of the famous Bullitt chase in 1/32nd scale. Here's the amazing trailer. » 2/15/11 10:30am 2/15/11 10:30am

The Secret Of Steve McQueen's Bullitt Chase Scene

For all the attention Steve McQueen has received for the famous chase in "Bullitt," he only drove 10% of the scene. Marc Myers got to drive the route with the stuntman who deserves credit for the scene. -Ed. » 1/27/11 11:00am 1/27/11 11:00am

Peter Yates, Bullitt Director, Dead At 82

English director Peter Yates, known to enthusiasts as the director of Bullitt and therefore cinema's most famous car chase, passed away today at age 82. Here's the 11 minutes we'll always remember him for. » 1/10/11 7:05am 1/10/11 7:05am

A Fine Afternoon On Bullitt Avenue

Ms. Williamson, good news from Dr. Orosz of Jalopnik: jackhammers, in spite of the approximately 100 dB of sound pressure they produce from three feet away, are not teratogenic. The same cannot be said of cigarette smoke. » 2/25/10 9:30am 2/25/10 9:30am

Bullitt Chase Scene: The Script

Unarguably the most famous car chase in movie history, the Mustang versus Charger scene in Bullitt defined not only the movie, but Steve McQueen's image. Here's the original script, calling for high speeds, gunfire and a ball of flame. » 12/28/09 3:45pm 12/28/09 3:45pm

Fantasy Garage Wall Art: Japanese Bullitt Poster

We love Bullitt the film, the car and the iconic leaning-McQueen film poster. What's it missing? Jacqueline Bisset right in the middle. Thanks, Japan. [ via @HemmingsNews] » 12/10/09 4:00pm 12/10/09 4:00pm

San Francisco Plagued By Bullitt-Style "Hill Flying"

San Francisco's CBS-5 indignantly reports on unruly drivers getting airborne over the city's hills, a trend one resident calls "an outrage" and that we refuse to believe is "new." Bullitt's some 40 years old! [CBS-5] » 9/04/09 1:00pm 9/04/09 1:00pm