Watch A BMW Turn Into A Bullet In This Gorgeous Video

BMW calls this video for the 2012 BMW M5 "High Performance Art" as it goes beyond the simple premises and cinematography of most car advertisements. It takes us back to the good old days of BMW Films, when the automaker made videos with as opposed to of the car. Gorgeous. Fantastic. Perfect. » 6/22/12 12:00pm 6/22/12 12:00pm

Bullet 580 Airship: The World's Largest Inflatable Phallus

At 235 ft long, the Bullet 580 airship is the world's largest airship and capable of cruising 20,000 feet in the air at 80 MPH while carrying a 2,000-pound payload. It also looks like a giant inflatable dong. » 5/20/10 5:45pm 5/20/10 5:45pm

Ride, Johnny, Ride: The Sterling Bullet

Autoblog noted it. noted it. So we're not gonna note that the Sterling Bullet didn't debut at Geneva today, but rather at the National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show in Indy. A division of Freightliner (itself, of course, part of the German-American Hybrid) with a history that dates back… » 3/06/07 10:45pm 3/06/07 10:45pm