Amazing Dad Builds Kids Working Bulldozer, All Other Dads Shamed 

The other day I used a pair of scissors to turn a block of packing foam into a Baymax toy for my son. He liked it, and for a few moments there I felt like a pretty cool dad. Then I saw this dad's astounding 942 lb working 18 HP bulldozer he made for his kids, and I realized that, really, I'm a big pile of crap. This… »3/16/15 4:00pm3/16/15 4:00pm


How to Take a Bulldozer Front End Loader Up on Two Wheels

Who knew hoonage with construction equipment could be so much fun? Actually, we kinda did. So basically what you need to do to get a bulldozer front end loader up on just two of its four wheels is to load up the shovel with as much dirt as humanly possible, raise the lift arm right about as high as you can take it,… »12/17/07 12:45pm12/17/07 12:45pm