Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept: The Future Of Bugatti Looks Terrifyingly Awesome

I’ll say this for the Bugatti Veyron: it was an unparalleled masterwork of engineering, but not an especially pretty one. Sure, a Veyron will catch your eye if you know what it is (or what it costs), but it’s no classic beauty. Now we see the approach Bugatti is taking to future designs, and pretty’s not the word I’d… »9/14/15 1:17pm9/14/15 1:17pm

Breathtaking Blue Bugatti 100P Replica Finally Makes First Flight

There’s often crossover appeal between aviation and automotive enthusiasts. Both tend to enjoy things that go fast and look spectacular while doing so. Ettore Bugatti, namesake of such supercars as the Bugatti Veyron and EB110, was one such individual. His one-off Bugatti 100P is amazing to behold. »8/21/15 8:43pm8/21/15 8:43pm

Shah Bugatti Wins 'French Cup' at Pebble

Every year 200 of the most coveted collector cars in the world embark onto the eighteenth hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links. The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is home to one of, if not, the most competitive events in the automotive world. After a year long restoration, the Petersen Automotive Museum’s 1939 Bugatti… »8/17/15 1:00am8/17/15 1:00am

Why The Bugatti Veyron Successor Should Use Transparent Aluminum

It’s no secret that Bugatti is working on a more-everything successor to the Veyron, the 1500 HP, 288 MPH Chiron. I’m here to tell Bugatti right now to stop work on it, because it’s stupid and you’re wasting your time. You really want to make a supercar — I mean, a real supercar? Then I have one word for you: ALON®. »7/08/15 3:05pm7/08/15 3:05pm

A Rave in The Vault at The Petersen Museum Would Look Sorta Like This

As I awkwardly jogged around the darkened basement of The Petersen Automotive Museum, arms outstretched, gripping a very homemade LED strip apparatus, battery pack slung across my chest, doing laps around priceless metal in 25-second shutter intervals, while a handful of technicians and museum personnel looked on, I… »6/11/15 10:32am6/11/15 10:32am