Trial Of Man Sued For 'Purposefully' Crashing Bugatti Veyron Into Lagoon Mysteriously Postponed

In 2009, a Bugatti Veyron was crashed into a Texas lagoon at the hands of Andy House, who at one point said that a low flying pelican had distracted him and sent him off course. What he didn't know was that the whole thing was caught on film, and the pelican is suspiciously absent. »10/02/12 12:00pm10/02/12 12:00pm


Second $2 Million Bugatti Veyron Crashes, This Time Into British Wheat Field

Apparently the second known Bugatti Veyron accident »9/02/08 12:52pm9/02/08 12:52pm has occurred in the British countryside near West Berkshire, UK. The $2 million plus supercar lost control on a sweeping curve, plowed through a hedge line and ended up backwards in a wheat field. The pictures are of poor quality, but the damage seems pretty…