EXCLUSIVE: Video Of Bugatti Veyron Actually Crashing Into Texas Lake

Remember the amazing $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron lake crash blamed on a low-flying pelican? We have the video of it happening and there's not a freaking pelican in sight. UPDATE: The driver responds! » 11/13/09 5:20pm 11/13/09 5:20pm

$1.6 Million Bugatti Veyron Crashes Into Texas Lake

Driving weather's been perfect in southeast Texas lately, so it's anyone's guess how this genius skipped his million-dollar-plus Bugatti Veyron off the road and right into a freaking lake. Despite the cost, Veyrons certainly aren't amphibious. Hilarious UPDATE below! » 11/12/09 9:20am 11/12/09 9:20am