This Is What The Next VW Beetle Should Be

A few days ago, our own Patrick George wrote about the rumors that VW is considering dropping the slow-selling Beetle from its lineup. This got me thinking, because I still remember the joy I felt when VW re-introduced the Beetle name back in 1998. But, really, it's just a Golf in a costume. So what should a modern… » 3/12/15 3:40pm 3/12/15 3:40pm

Would You Drive An Electric VW Bug?

Zelectric Motors is the brainchild of passionate VW fans David Benardo and Bonnie Rodgers. In 2011, they decided to put their east coast creative agency in their rearview mirror and head back home to California. With a lifelong affinity for the VW brand and decades spent working with tech companies, they envisioned a… » 1/20/14 1:54pm 1/20/14 1:54pm

Please Help Me Get My Beetle Back

I just walked out to the front of my house where my 1973 Volkswagen Beetle was parked and stopped dead in my tracks, confronted by an ugly void where my car was sitting. It's gone, and I'm on hold with the police as we speak, and I feel sick. » 4/04/13 3:58am 4/04/13 3:58am

The Freaky Frankenstein VW Beetles Of South Africa

Right off the bat, let me make something absolutely clear: this is only freaky if you're a hard-core air-cooled VW geek. Many of you won't even realize what the big deal is, but if you're a hard-core Beetle person, lay down a dropcloth since your mind is gonna be blown. » 11/22/12 4:00pm 11/22/12 4:00pm

How A 22-Year-Old Woman Learned How To Fix Cars By Driving A '72 VW…

At 22 years old, Morgan Johnson knows the ins and outs of a few things. She's lived in Oregon, Montana and Colorado, and she's done everything from selling vacuum cleaners to managing a King Soopers grocery store for a few years. » 9/07/12 4:00pm 9/07/12 4:00pm

A tale of two Volkswagens

Josh Clason's most recent Depth of Speed episode profiles Craig Johnson and his well restored vintage Volkswagens. It seems especially appropriate to examine vintage Volkswagen culture today, exactly 8 years after the last classic Beetle rolled off the assembly line. » 7/30/11 3:00pm 7/30/11 3:00pm

Volkswagen was created 74 years ago today

Although the company might be best known today for their lovable Beetle, Volkswagen was created 74 years ago today in 1937 by the government of Germany—then under the control of Adolf Hitler of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party—as a new state-owned automobile company. After the Nazis were defeated, Volkswagen was… » 5/28/11 12:30pm 5/28/11 12:30pm

Found off the Street: 1977 Volkswagen Beetle

Welcome to Found Off The Street, our look at cars found on the cape that rust liked so much it decided to summer there; Cape Cod, MA. Today we have a 1977 Volkswagen Beetle. » 5/01/11 9:00am 5/01/11 9:00am

Dead Bugs

A few of the over 21 million air-cooled Volkswagen Bugs built rust together while waiting for an unknown fate. It isn't hard to spot a Karmann Ghia and a Squareback sticking out like sore thumbs in the collection of rounded rooflines. » 4/16/11 12:30pm 4/16/11 12:30pm

Slammed Porsche 911T on Ebay

Slammed within an inch of the ground and covered in fake patina, you might not like this 1968 Porsche, but chances are you will have an opinion about it. Selling later today on Ebay, this 911T "Outlaw" could be yours. » 2/05/11 11:00am 2/05/11 11:00am

The Deadly Volkswagens Of Emeryville

"Man there sure is sumptin' goin on with the water supply in Emeryville. Now just lookey at this here darn VW just sittin' thar." It's like Michael Bay meets Yves Tanguy. (More from artist Joe MacCarthy on his blog) » 1/18/11 3:00pm 1/18/11 3:00pm

Volkswagen Says Floating Beetle in Spanish

The Volkswagen Beetle has been the test subject of for some bizarre experiments in its lifetime. Volkswagen decided they should highlight some of the more successful results in this ad including footage of a floating amphibious Beetle. » 11/28/10 12:00pm 11/28/10 12:00pm

The Car That Started Murilee On His Vehicular Downward Spiral: Hubert…

Here's a story I've been meaning to tell since I started writing for Jalopnik: how it came to be that I love junkyard-built, low-budget, primered-out heaps so much. You can blame this '58 Volkswagen! » 2/22/09 1:00pm 2/22/09 1:00pm

DOTS-O-Rama Sunday, San Francisco Edition: Rover 105S, With Bonus Gulf…

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. When was the last time you saw a Rover 105? » 2/15/09 6:00pm 2/15/09 6:00pm

Vintage VW Bug Gets Turbocharged V8, Probably One Of The Four Horsemen

We're not sure what makes this vintage Volkswagen more terrifying, the turbocharged V8 engine or the unconventional (for a Bug) engine placement. Either way, this car fulfills a few dreams and, likely, a few nightmares. » 12/27/08 2:00pm 12/27/08 2:00pm

1971 Volkswagen Beetle

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. How about another Beetle Day today? As I've mentioned before, Alameda has sufficient air-cooled Beetles parked on the street for me to do a solid couple of Pure Beetle DOTS. I'm… » 12/19/08 9:00am 12/19/08 9:00am

Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Herbie The Love Bug Replica For $20,000?

79% of our readers thought that $25,000 was a hubba-fied price for 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z » 11/28/08 8:00am 11/28/08 8:00am, but maybe that's because 80s nostalgia hasn't taken a firm enough hold of our culture yet. That's why we're going with a car appreciates: Herbie The Love Bug! Unlike what you'd experience with your , you won't keep running…

1969 Volkswagen Beetle, Before And After Mishap

Sometimes months can go by between my photographing of a DOTS car and posting those photographs. Today's car is a good example; I shot the original photos last August, but the island is overflowing with air-cooled Beetles and I have a glut of photos of such cars (yes, Beetle fans, I know I should be posting more of… » 4/09/08 9:00am 4/09/08 9:00am

Volkswagen PC Mod Makes PC More Respectable

If may not be quite as Hasselhoff-cool as the KITT PC casemod, but If anything can be said about this VW Beetle PC mod, it's that the craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful. Someone took a scale Beetle model and crammed a fully functioning PC inside of it. The front bumper has a slotted laptop-style CD drive, and the… » 3/03/08 12:00pm 3/03/08 12:00pm