How Princess Diana's Former Flack Became The Pied Piper Of Automotive Media

A few steps below the lobby at the Amangani Lodge in Jackson Hole, one of the finest hotels in the world, several car writers sat around a massive wooden table, eating Caesar salads and Kobe beef burgers, the snow-capped Tetons framed behind us as though Mercedes-Benz had installed them for our pleasure alone.… »3/09/12 12:30pm3/09/12 12:30pm

Chrysler Builds Buzz For Challenger In Memphis Airport

After spending a billion (or three) dollars on market research, the elite Chrysler media team achieved a coup de grâce in the Muscle Car Wars by getting the new Challenger SRT8 positioned on the front partition of the southernmost magazine rack at Memphis International Airport's "LiterAIRy" bookstore/Elvis memorabilia… »3/05/08 5:02pm3/05/08 5:02pm