How To Use The Car Dealership Survey As Leverage To Get A Better Deal

I always recommend that car-shoppers do their negotiations away from the dealership, preferably by email. However, shopping this way isn't always easy and you will eventually have to visit the dealership. If you need one last card to play you can use the CSI (Customer Service Index) or "survey" as extra leverage. »7/07/14 10:00am7/07/14 10:00am

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 9: Oops

While co-driving is incredibly fun, it is also incredibly elaborate and difficult. As I've explained over the course of this series the co-driver in many ways is the one running the show, setting the pace of the driver and the pace of the event itself. It takes a ton of hard work, concentration, and (especially) at… »9/12/13 12:46pm9/12/13 12:46pm

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 8: A Day As A Co-Driver

Co-driving is like being the drummer in a rock band. Often forgotten and overlooked, sitting in the shadow of the lead singer, but without a good drummer to keep the beat the whole song falls apart. This analogy not only applies to the pace notes, but actually holds true for the rally as a whole. From the start of the… »8/30/13 2:41pm8/30/13 2:41pm

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 6: Holy Flying Tarmac

I love me some dirt racing. I love the way the road changes as competitors go through, I love the sideways nature that comes with racing on dirt, I love the need to read the road and figure out what line has the most grip, I even love the challenge of battling through the dust that often comes with dirt racing. That… »5/31/13 2:27pm5/31/13 2:27pm

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 5: L5 n.c./Jmp/r.r. R6>4+ 50 ! L3/] [ into OMGWTF?

Many call it indecipherable gibberish, but rally pace notes are absolutely critical to going fast on narrow, unfamiliar roads where every tree and rock is gleefully plotting all the ways it intends to make you it's bitch. Having to run without notes can cost a driver a full minute or more per stage. And as everyone… »4/16/13 2:31pm4/16/13 2:31pm

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 4.5: Here We Go Again

When we ran the 100 Acre Wood rally it (unexpectedly) became our first winter rally. Now we're signed up for what will be another first for me, my first tarmac rally. TAG Rally Sport is coming back east so Rory and I can contest the Empire State Performance Rally, based in Rock Hill, New York, 80 miles northwest of… »4/03/13 2:12pm4/03/13 2:12pm

Rally Co-Driving Behind the Scenes, Part 4: Press on Regardless

For many teams a movement schedule is considered a critical element in rally preparation. Some teams swear by these and will create a packet even thicker than the rally supplimental regulations. They're especially useful for larger teams with many people doing many tasks and/or coming from multiple starting points.… »3/14/13 8:42am3/14/13 8:42am

Rally Co-Driving Behind The Scenes Part 3: Advice for the Rally/Co-Driving Virgin

So far I've spoken about a co-driver's process when preparing for a rally. But what about an aspiring co-driver? How do you get from standing roadside watching to riding along in the silly seat? I figured I'd take the moment to talk about getting started in rally. I'm going to talk a bit about my path to the right… »2/20/13 4:45pm2/20/13 4:45pm

Rally Co-driving Behind The Scenes Part 2: The Bag

I'm back for part 2 of Co-driving Behind the Scenes and today we're going to talk about one of the most important pieces of equipment for a co-driver; the co-driver bag. From the start of recce (pronounced wreck-E, short for reconnaissance, refers to the period before the rally when competitors can slowly drive the… »2/14/13 2:19pm2/14/13 2:19pm

Rally Co-Driving: Behind the Scenes, Part 1

Welcome to Rally Co-Driving Behind The Scenes, the series where I will be giving an inside look at the experiences and duties of a grassroots rally co-driver. From the planning which begins weeks in advance, to traveling to the event, to the duties and paperwork of the day before, to recce and preparation of notes,… »2/11/13 3:56pm2/11/13 3:56pm