Chinese-Built Brilliance BS4 Scores Zero Stars In Euro Crash Test

The Brilliance BS4 might look like an MG copy-paste-job, but there's a key distinction. The BS4, like the BS6 before it, has scored zero stars in Euro NCAP crash testing. Yup, here come the Chinese! » 3/26/09 5:20pm 3/26/09 5:20pm

Brilliance BS4 Barrel Rolls Down Hill, Driver Not Obliterated

After the soda can performance of a Brilliance BS6 in a German test, the crash survival of drivers in a Brilliance car was assumed to be heavily based on divine intervention. The driver of this BS4 seems to have tested those limits after crashing through a guard rail at 60 MPH and rolling over twice going downa hill.… » 5/06/08 5:05pm 5/06/08 5:05pm