Chinese Knockoff Batmobile Is Just $11,207, Some Assembly Required

26-year-old Li Weilei and friends have built a full-scale Tumbler Batmobile replica out of scrap metal at a warehouse in Shanghai. Doesn't look quite as off-road ready as the new batmobile, but apparently it was built for about 11 grand. Oh, and it can't actually move under its own power. »6/03/14 10:45am6/03/14 10:45am


Apparently, Even Bruce Wayne Is Hurting In This Economy

You can't possibly grasp the overhead costs associated with being Batman. You ever try to dry-clean molded kevlar? And the G-D government will let Bruce Wayne get away with paying only 13.9% in taxes, but Batman can't write-off the electricity used to power the Bat-Signal unless it's 100% renewable. So Batman cut back… »1/24/12 10:00am1/24/12 10:00am