1969 Ford Bronco, Dutifully Awaiting Woodward Deployment

Here's a very nice, very bone stock 1969 Ford Bronco we stumbled on at the corner of 13 mile and Woodward » 8/16/08 10:15am 8/16/08 10:15am (the mile roads lie in escalating number the farther north you go from the Detroit River). We're diggin' the flawless orange paint and houndstooth brown interior. The Bronco has always, always been a fantastic…

Mini Ford Bronco Conquers All Pit Lane Terrain

What's an even cooler way to get around the pits than a Saleen Th!nk? How about a miniature Ford Bronco. We saw a few of these zipping around Milan Dragway last weekend, and we want one bad. We're not sure if these little things are at all capable off-road, but man, do they look sweet for cruisin' between your trailer… » 6/18/08 3:40pm 6/18/08 3:40pm

Denver Bronco Ready For The Apocalypse

What year Bronco are we looking at here? Well, there's a 302 emblem, and dual fuel tanks, and a blacked-out grille... but these clues don't mean a whole lot when they're on a vehicle that's probably had more than 50% of its components swapped from other trucks during its lifetime. 1970? 1975? You tell us! Kitt has… » 3/03/08 2:00pm 3/03/08 2:00pm

Early 1970s Ford Bronco

Sorry, Ford truck fans, I just can't get the age range of this Bronco down to anything narrower than 1970-75. Here's your chance to tell us what year this green machine was made, and how you can tell! This truck lives on the same block as the very evil '73 Caprice wagon, and just looks so shiny and eager by comparison. … » 2/04/08 9:00am 2/04/08 9:00am