Toyota FT-86 will conquer beige with TRD performance parts

"Will TRD offer aftermarket performance gear for the Toyota FT-86 / Scion FR-S?" That's the second most obvious question on the minds of Toyota/Scion fans after "will it be a car." The answer is yes on both counts. Get used to hearing that word, yes, because Toyota's apparently on a beige-busting binge. » 11/02/11 10:00am 11/02/11 10:00am

Toyota FT-86: This is it?

These brochure scans of what appear to be a final production model of the Toyota FT-86 / Scion FR-S may finally show what the real car looks like and end the protracted concept car nightmare parade. Maybe. Sort of. Hopefully. Do you like it? » 10/27/11 8:45am 10/27/11 8:45am

Shopping For a New Hindustan Motors Ambassador?

The Morris Oxford/Hindustan Ambassador has been in production for 56 years, which means it has 9 more to go in order to beat the Beetle. How do you market such a classic? » 3/14/10 5:00pm 3/14/10 5:00pm

More 2011 Honda CR-Z Brochure Shots Leak, Reveal Swanky Interior

Following the leaked brochure shots that revealed the 2011 Honda CRZ's exterior and the Mugen version, these photos reveal the saucy hybrid coupe's surprisingly nice interior. The CRX successor is turning out to be a nice looking little economy coupe. » 12/22/09 1:00pm 12/22/09 1:00pm

You Couldn't Get These Features From Detroit: 1960 Peugeot 403 Brochure

While I was looking for information about the Peugeot 403 I found parked in Alameda last week, I ran across this US-market sales brochure for the '60 403. The 403 was bursting at the seams with technological wizardry, including an electromechanical engine fan coupling and Jaeger electromagnetic crypto-automatic… » 7/25/08 4:20pm 7/25/08 4:20pm

BMW 1-Series Brochure for the US!

No need to schlep down to the BMW dealer just to be turned away for a new 1-Series brochure. We've already seen the European version. Now, again breaks the brochure news, with the first scans of the US version 128i and 135i glossy pamphlet. C'mon: Weight of the 135i is 3,332 lbs — 239 lbs less than the… » 10/12/07 5:30pm 10/12/07 5:30pm

BMW M3 Sedan Brochure Pics Leaked

With Bimmerheads' attentions turned to the return of BMW's four-door version of the new M3, any bit of new info is like kibble to a starving mutt. (Not that BMW fans are mutts; you get the picture.) Now, digital slices of a new brochure have made their way to BMW forum BMW-Treff. They show a few teasers of the… » 10/05/07 2:16pm 10/05/07 2:16pm

BMW M3 Brochure ist Online

The forum folk are chattering away about the latest marketing breach — such that it is — of BMW's M3 launch. The brochure's out and it's been scanned and web'd. Check out designers' solution to the M3's massive air needs, including the rapacious front air dam and the hood's "Powerdome," denoting the outward blister… » 7/14/07 5:48pm 7/14/07 5:48pm

C-Leaky: Mercedes W204 C-Class Brochure

Those Teutonic-loving scamps over at the German Car Zone procured a pre-release brochure for the new W204 C-Class. A loverly bunch of coconuts, them. [Thanks to Yannis for the tip.] » 1/15/07 2:55pm 1/15/07 2:55pm

Audi TT UK Brochure Leaked; Here Tiz

Lookie here. Someone across the pond let out the UK Audi TT brochure early, and thanks to an old pal, we've got it images from it here. Looks like the pricing difference in the UK on the Quattro turbo model from 2006 to 2007 is around 300. PDF to follow. » 4/07/06 2:21pm 4/07/06 2:21pm