Britney Abandons Car On Sunset Boulevard, Lets It Get Towed

You know, it's boring getting a flat tire. That's why Britney Spears, upon discovering that a non-round tire makes for a bumpy ride, simply left the Mercedes where it sat and hitched a ride home in a following paparazzi photographer's vehicle. The police, however, were less than sympathetic about her choice of parking… »1/08/08 4:45pm1/08/08 4:45pm

Federline Asks Britney Not to Drive Kids in New Mercedes

We're getting a bit tired of celebrities and their automotive follies, but there's been an interesting twist in the ongoing saga of Britney Spears, cars and K-Fed's surprisingly high level of parenting competency... and we're hypocrites. Possibly after hearing about Britney and her new SL65, K-Fed had the audacity to… »11/09/07 3:30pm11/09/07 3:30pm

Britney Spears Charged With Hit-And-Run, Driving Without A License

It's a Yom Kippur celebrity Schadenfreude Saturday here at Jalopnik — first was the news this morning of the smugtastic George Clooney motorcycle crash and now we're hearing Britney Spears has never — ever — been issued a license to drive. Sure, she's been caught by paparazzi driving with her little Feder-spawn in her… »9/22/07 1:32pm9/22/07 1:32pm

Mighty Empires Tremble In Aftermath Of Britney Parked-Car Scrape!

All right, folks, we've got some seriously earth-shattering news for ya: when you hit a parked car, the owner gets upset. Especially when a couple dozen maniacal paparazzi document the entire mess, yet you still don't contact the owner of the parked car. It turns out that Ms. Spears didn't bother to have her people… »8/09/07 5:10pm8/09/07 5:10pm

'American Inventor' Winner's First Baby Buggy Bubble Sale — Britney Spears?

American Inventor winner Janusz Liberkowski's got a decent chunk of change to play with after winning the show's $1,000,000 prize for his innovative "new to the world" spherical baby survival seat concept. The seat's definetly innovative — we've no doubt of that — what with it's ability to support a baby's head and… »5/21/06 1:20pm5/21/06 1:20pm

Britney's Bloopers Force Legislature To Act; Bonus! Spears Slips, Spills Baby Walking To Car

Britney Spears picked a bad day to have another li'l blooper with the baby. The pop singer accidentally bobbled her little Feder-spawn on a New York City street as she walked to her car — baby in one hand, glass of something in the other. The tarty pop star's loose-fitting low-rise jeans snagged on her sandal heel… »5/19/06 10:46am5/19/06 10:46am

Britney Spears' Baby Buggy Blunder — Not Illegal, But Still Dumb As Federline

Our media-whore obsessed sister site Gawker tipped us to their update on our joint coverage yesterday of Britney Spears' baby seat boondogle. A friend of a friend gave them the low-down that although state law allows a baby of over 20 lbs. to be in a forward-facing baby seat, the American Academy of Pediatrics says… »5/17/06 11:28am5/17/06 11:28am

Britney Spears' Big Ol' Baby Didn't Need Rear-Facing Car Seat; No Word Yet On Federline's Requirements

After that whole incident where the Princess of Pop was seen bopping along with her son in her lap, one would think she'd be a bit more careful with the Feder-spawn. Turns out she has been. Sony BMG issued a statement today in response to some photos on the front page of today's NY Post of Spears driving down the… »5/16/06 5:12pm5/16/06 5:12pm

Federline Desecrates Ferrari, Enzo Undoubtedly Pissed

Oh man, Mr. Ferrari's totally spinning in his grave a la a redlining Formula 1crankshaft right about now. Britsperminator Kevin Federline went and had his name painted on the brake calipers of the 360 his wife bought him (and recently had towed away). We can't really put it any better than reader Greg, who tipped us… »12/15/05 5:16pm12/15/05 5:16pm