Everything We Know About The British Airways 777 Fire In Las Vegas

Yesterday at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, British Airways Flight 2276 bound for London’s Gatwick airport experienced an engine fire during its takeoff roll. More than a dozen people were injured in this horrific-looking incident. Here is a recap of everything we know about the situation so far. »9/09/15 12:10pm9/09/15 12:10pm

British Airways Boeing 777 Burns At Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

A British Airways 777 caught fire at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport this evening. Reports state the fire began in one of the engines but that can not be confirmed at this time. All 159 passengers and 13 crew onboard are reported to have successfully escaped from the aircraft. »9/08/15 8:06pm9/08/15 8:06pm

Delta Halts Shipping Wildlife Trophies In Response To Lion Slaying

You might’ve heard of Walter Palmer, who is both a dentist from Minnesota and an asshole. Instead of using the $50,000 he had burning a hole in his pocket to do something useful for the world, last month Palmer decided to kill a beloved lion in Zimbabwe named Cecil. Now, in response to global outrage over the slaying,… »8/04/15 2:09pm8/04/15 2:09pm

British Airways Plans To Turn Garbage Into Jet Fuel

Do you remember at the end of Back to the Future, where Doc Brown tossed a banana peel, some egg shells, and a partially-consumed beer into "Mr. Fusion" to make the DeLorean time machine fly? Now, in the present, British Airways has announced its "GreenSky" project will convert solid waste into jet fuel. »4/17/14 4:25pm4/17/14 4:25pm

British Airways Has Just Raised Planespotting To A Whole New Level

BA's new #lookup campaign puts digital billboards equipped with surveillance technology under flight routes in Britain. When a BA plane flies by, the display switches to a child pointing out the plane passing overhead with the flight number and the destination it's arriving from. Infotainment at its best. »11/22/13 4:00pm11/22/13 4:00pm