British Driving Test Now Judges Eco-friendly Motoring Aptitude

The nanny state has added one more criteria to their driver licensing tests: Eco-friendly driving skills. The Telegraph reports that the new testing is being implemented to comply with EU regulations, with government officials stating that motorists practicing the eco-friendly driving techniques could see savings of… » 9/16/08 2:40pm 9/16/08 2:40pm

Royal Rolls For Sale: Style, Luxury Inbred

Here's your chance to buy the "Rolls Royce of Rolls Royces," a pristine 1954 Phantom IV H.J. Mulliner Limousine, and one of only 18 built. This particular example belonged to Princess Margaret, the only member of the British royal family known to have engaged in a life-or-death struggle with her breakfast. Phantom IVs… » 6/11/08 3:40pm 6/11/08 3:40pm

Four Motors, No Waiting: A 640hp Electric Mini

Our mates at Carscoop report on this Mini Cooper concept, built by engineers at the UK's PML, unveiled at the British Motor Show this week. Each wheel has its own motor — like Mitsubishi's MIEV concepts — and at the kilowatt equivalent of 160hp each, the total is a mind-warping 640 hp, with — now, there's gotta be a… » 7/21/06 3:43pm 7/21/06 3:43pm

Hanging Gardens of F1: Dissected Racer at the British Motor Show

It's not a crash scene from "Formula One: The Puppet Show," it's an F1 car done up Hanging Gardens of Babylon style at the British International Motor Show — all of its sundry parts suspended from the ceiling by cables. How bettter to imbue the sport of shikhs with properly Londonesque art-geek pretense? Right, the… » 7/19/06 12:50pm 7/19/06 12:50pm

British Motor Show: Mazda MX-5 Hardtop

Mazda took the wraps off the MX-5 Roadster Coupe earlier today at the 2006 British Motor Show. Using technology first developed for the origami industry, the company's engineers figured out a way to fit the roof — which Mazda says is the fastest in production (12 seconds from top to not) — into the same space as the… » 7/18/06 11:02am 7/18/06 11:02am