Watch A Paint-Huffing Teen Toy With Cops In A Stolen BMW

If you're going to huff paint, why sit around in the basement playing Grand Theft Auto? The real thing's more thrilling and you might actually die. That was, apparently, the train of thought for an Australian 17-year-old who got high on paint, stole a BMW X5, and eluded police in a high speed chase around Brisbane. »4/11/12 12:30pm4/11/12 12:30pm

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! — Dragster Crash!

And elsewhere in Australian muscle-car news, an event at the Brisbane drags over the weekend is giving a case of the squirms to the world's racing fans and the women who tolerate them. A massive, corkscrew fuckdown at 310 miles per hour left a driver A-ok. Damn, those safety harnesses and fireproof suits are getting… »9/17/07 12:30pm9/17/07 12:30pm