This 1970 911E "Hot Rod" Could Be Your Budget Singer Porsche

I have this fantasy where I get some type of massive windfall and purchase one of my dream cars, a Singer 911. At over $300,000 those masterpieces are out of reach for most buyers. However, this modified 1970 911E from with a current bid of $25,000 will give you the look (sort of) for less. »8/12/15 3:30pm8/12/15 3:30pm

Relive Your 90s Sports Car Fantasies With This Modified Lotus Esprit S4

The 90s were good times, the rock was grungy and the mid-engine sports cars were wedge shaped with pop-up headlights. Now that first generation NSX prices are getting nuts, perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative. Our friends at Bring A Trailer have an awesome Lotus Espirit S4 turbo with a reasonable reserve. »7/18/15 12:52pm7/18/15 12:52pm

A 450hp orphan mongrel finds its forever home

This little mutt is an AMC Spirit AMX, a mini-musclecar from the late seventies with flares n’ white-lettered tires n’ a big ol’ hood decal - and a somewhat lamentable 130hp V8. Based on the Gremlin, it’s a sawed-off runt that few remember. Well you’d remember this one: it’s got a 96-inch wheelbase and a built 401ci… »5/28/15 10:11am5/28/15 10:11am