Bridgestone's Futuristic Airless-Tires Are Almost Ready For Your Car

Bridgestone continues to taunt us with its wonderful airless tires that promise enhanced durability, minimal maintenance, and the ability to never go flat. Previously, the tiremaker was only demonstrating smaller versions of the wheel designed for golf carts and the like, but at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show it's finally… » 11/22/13 9:40am 11/22/13 9:40am

Bridgestone's ass-slapping old lady is awesome

What this latest Bridgestone advert lacks in sex appeal, it more than makes up for in an old lady smacking an old guy on his tailfin. Maybe that's your thing, anyways. And check out those Dagmars. (Hat tip to Skulldriveshaft!) » 5/09/11 10:00am 5/09/11 10:00am

Why last year's best F1 pass may be the future

An accidental prelude to the most important change in Formula One for 2011 resulted in the most exquisite pass in the 2010 season. Before Grand Prix racing kicks off for another year this Sunday, come and savor the dismantling of Fernando Alonso by Jenson Button at the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix. » 3/24/11 12:00pm 3/24/11 12:00pm

The Perfect Saturn Ion To Survive The Apocalypse

The Saturn Ion never generated much of a charge when GM built it, but it looks far tougher with all of its body panels removed and the subframe painted black. Meet a former TV star and future LeMons competitor. » 1/17/11 8:30am 1/17/11 8:30am

Worst Automotive Press Release: Potato Head Edition

The headline of the press release we just received moments ago: "Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head To Visit Chicago Auto Show." Seriously. Full press release below. » 2/19/09 12:30pm 2/19/09 12:30pm

Drive and Learn: Bridgestone Horse Track Tire Party

A late season rain storm rolled into sunny Los Angeles a few Fridays ago, just in time for us to go down to the Santa Anita race track and blow our meager earnings on the ponies slide around on wet autocross course set up in the parking lot of the San Gabriel Valley horse track. Only a few journalists were on hand… » 5/03/07 4:30pm 5/03/07 4:30pm

Late Night Los Angeles: Bug-a-Mino

Spied at the beginning and end of a Midnight Ridazz urban cycle crawl was this fine example of German engineering meeting California utility. Long buried in the memory of a cell phone, this image is only now resurfacing from an Echo Park past to work its way into the pantheon of minos. We pedaled the ride on a… » 4/18/07 2:30pm 4/18/07 2:30pm

We Don't Come Alone; We Are Fire, We Are Stone

Firestone isn't really the Wal-Mart of tires, except that after the Explorer debacle, they sort of ended up seeming that way. We mean, even the American government seems to be willing to bet more on the French. However, there was a time when a Firestone tire at Indianapolis meant something. Ask Foyt and cohorts.… » 2/07/07 7:00am 2/07/07 7:00am

Deal And A Half: Bridgestone Drops Sponsorship Of Champ, Remains League…

Bridgestone finally made the decision to drop out as a sponsor of Champ Car — but for some reason, the open-wheeled racing league's decided to stay with them as the sole tire supplier. That means Bridgestone's probably up in the corporate boardroom right now engaging in some serious Bugs-Bunny-esque "what a… » 11/20/06 2:58pm 11/20/06 2:58pm

Breaking! Where The Rubber Meets The Road - Bridgestone Closing US…

Yeah, we know — tire manufacturers. They're only important when somethin's off-kilter — and let it never be said that Bridgestone (formerly Bridgestone-Firestone) can't deliver. The Japanese tire maker released numbers this morning — and they were — well, mixed. The company announced a lowering of their half-year net… » 5/01/06 9:45am 5/01/06 9:45am

Tire Companies to Consumers: Ten Years and Out

US tire makers have spoken, and they've told the country's cheapskates to upgrade their damn, crusty old, bald tires before they kill someone already. As reported in the Detroit News, Michelin USA and Continental Tire have joined Bridgestone and Firestone in the issuance of technical bulletins for dealers to replace… » 2/23/06 10:04am 2/23/06 10:04am

Michelin to Depart F1 After 2006 Season

This has been coming for a while, but the day's finally here: Michelin has announced its departure from Formula One after the 2006 season. The FIA claims that the teams were clamoring for a single tire supplier, and thus ruled that there would be only one for the 2008 season, so Michelin bailed on the party early,… » 12/14/05 2:29pm 12/14/05 2:29pm

Bridgestone Pays Out $240 Million in Settlement with Ford

The hoard of liability lawyers representing two giant companies can finally relax, grab a smoke or maybe take in an afternoon on the back nine. Bridgestone Corp. yesterday announced it was paying FoMoCo $240 million in a settlement related to Ford's wide recall of Firestone tires in 2000 and 2001, back when the words… » 10/13/05 7:38am 10/13/05 7:38am

McLaren Mulls Switch to Bridgestone

Despite the dismal performance of Bridgestone- shod F1 teams this year, McLaren is eyeing a switch to the Japanese tire manufacturer. Like Red Bull, Williams and Toyota, who all presently run Michelins, McLaren has apparently entered negotiations with Bridgestone for '06 and beyond. The probable reason? F1's… » 9/08/05 6:48am 9/08/05 6:48am