Our Boy Brian Williams Loves Him Some Bridge Explosions

Basically, NBC anchor Brian Williams (or BriWi as we all like to call him because we're secretly best friends) is a pretty awesome dude. Women want to be with him, men want to be with him, Ray Wert chills with him, and he's a noted Jalopnik reader. So we'd like to tell him thanks for the shout-out on his show Rock… »3/23/13 9:58am3/23/13 9:58am


Watch The Largest Bridge Explosion In Texas History In Glorious Slow Motion

Locals gathered along the shores of Lake Marble Falls in Central Texas this weekend to watch the largest explosive bridge demotion in history. As impressive as it was in person, it's doubtful any of them were able to see the implosion in the detail you're about to see in this amazing HD slow-motion footage shot at… »3/18/13 10:56am3/18/13 10:56am