Bold Russian Scrappers Steal Steel Bridge

It's one thing when roads explode, it's an entirely different situation when a bridge disappears. Say what? The lone bridge route across a river to a Russian heating plant disappeared overnight a couple days ago and the police are on the hunt to find the thieves. Employees were surprised to see the 200 tonne bridge in… » 1/11/08 2:45pm 1/11/08 2:45pm

Golden Gate Bridge Partially Closes For High Winds, Rain

The San Francisco area got a pounding this morning from a strong Pacific storm system that developed wind gusts as high as 107 mph. The Golden Gate Transit district was forced to suspend bus services and truck traffic across the historic span due to flooding. Fortunately for Friday commuters, as of 1:35 PST the… » 1/04/08 5:45pm 1/04/08 5:45pm

Bay Area Hellwatch: The Bay Bridge Melts!!

We would like to give our deepest condolences to everyone who lives within 50-miles of San Francisco, as their commute has just increased by at least an hour in each direction. Which means that Bay Area traffic worsens from its current level (about as bad as you can imagine) to Dante's third-concentric circle of… » 4/30/07 12:15pm 4/30/07 12:15pm