This Ad For The Brickyard 400 Is The Greatest NASCAR Ad Of All Time

One of the great joys in life is getting to see evidence that someone has gone irretrievably, delightfully insane. Or, in this case, mensane, as in insane from over-saturation in insane men musk, which the Brickyard seems to be laden with. The mensanity evidence is all in this ad for Indianapolis Motor Speedway. » 7/22/14 1:09pm 7/22/14 1:09pm

Indy 500 Movie May Begin Filming This Year

A movie about the first Indianapolis 500, written by the man behind Hoosiers and Rudy, might begin filming this year in Indiana. Will it suck? Just pray for no Stallone. [Indy Star via Hemmings] » 8/03/10 3:30pm 8/03/10 3:30pm

Top Ten American Automotive Pilgrimages

It wouldn't be a Jalopnik Automotive Amerigasm without a nod to the places that make American automotive history so great. Eddie Izzard may joke that he's from "Europe, where the history comes from," but the relative young age of the auto industry means our automotive history is as old and rich as anyone's...and of… » 7/03/08 2:00pm 7/03/08 2:00pm

Pictures of Entire 1952 Indianapolis 500 Starting Grid Found

As much as we like open wheel racing and modern car designs, there's something far more awesome about vintage racing cars. This is undoubtedly the opinion of one Jim Rogacki, an engineer from Buffalo, who, while digging around for vintage car parts, managed to run into an amateur Indianapolis 500 historian. After… » 4/30/08 10:40am 4/30/08 10:40am

F1 Redux: Grand Prix to Return to Indianapolis in 2007

Stock up on Bordeaux, kids; the town of Speedway, Indiana will see another European invasion in 2007. The George- Hulme bunch has inked a one-year extension of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's F1 contract, bringing the Grand Prix back to the track, likely in June. The one-year extension was as much of a commitment… » 8/17/06 1:42pm 8/17/06 1:42pm

Pileup at the US Grand Prix

Can it get any worse for the US Grand Prix? Last year, infighting between Michelin and the FIA led 14 drivers to boycott the race, which Schumacher won. This year, a series of incidents — including a crash on turn one that took out eight cars — led only nine of 22 starters to finish the race, which Schumacher won.… » 7/06/06 2:15pm 7/06/06 2:15pm