Pictures of Entire 1952 Indianapolis 500 Starting Grid Found

As much as we like open wheel racing and modern car designs, there's something far more awesome about vintage racing cars. This is undoubtedly the opinion of one Jim Rogacki, an engineer from Buffalo, who, while digging around for vintage car parts, managed to run into an amateur Indianapolis 500 historian. After… » 4/30/08 10:40am 4/30/08 10:40am

F1 Redux: Grand Prix to Return to Indianapolis in 2007

Stock up on Bordeaux, kids; the town of Speedway, Indiana will see another European invasion in 2007. The George- Hulme bunch has inked a one-year extension of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's F1 contract, bringing the Grand Prix back to the track, likely in June. The one-year extension was as much of a commitment as… » 8/17/06 1:42pm 8/17/06 1:42pm