Our Boy Brian Williams Loves Him Some Bridge Explosions

Basically, NBC anchor Brian Williams (or BriWi as we all like to call him because we're secretly best friends) is a pretty awesome dude. Women want to be with him, men want to be with him, Ray Wert chills with him, and he's a noted Jalopnik reader. So we'd like to tell him thanks for the shout-out on his show Rock… »3/23/13 9:58am3/23/13 9:58am

If You Don't Have A Crush On Brian Williams, You Are Dead Inside

Brian Williams co-hosted The Today Show this morning, where he was served coffee in an oversized mug (hilarious), bantered about Twitter ineptitude (adorable), and kicked it with Gabby Sidibe (sigh/swoon). Like everything the news anchor does, his temporary gig was endearing as hell, and hotdamn did he look handsome.… »10/28/11 4:20pm10/28/11 4:20pm

Brian Williams Launches Into Bizarre Racing Tangent After Obama's Speech

After Obama's victory speech last night you'd expect the pundits to discuss meaning, rhetoric and intent. Instead, NBC's Brian Williams launched into a discussion of short track racing in rural Montana. Ignore, if you can, that Brian Williams is apparently an aficionado of a form of racing that makes NASCAR look like… »6/04/08 1:20pm6/04/08 1:20pm