Ask Gymkhana 5 Star Ken Block (And Segway Dude) Anything You Want

It's time for another addition of Jalopnik Live, where we bring today's newsmakers into Kinja to answer your questions. Today we've got a double dose of hoon with both racer Ken Block and Gymkhana 5 producer/Segway Dude Brian Scotto answering your questions about WRC, Gymkhana, Hooning, 0-60 Mag, Global RallyCross,… » 7/13/12 12:00pm 7/13/12 12:00pm

Ken Block Wants Your Gymkhana Suggestions! Win Free Stuff!

Rally driver Ken Block is currently gearing up to film his next gymkhana video using a righteously bad-ass Ford Fiesta. Want to win a trip to the set and score some cool free gear? Of course you do! Here's how. » 6/04/10 10:30am 6/04/10 10:30am

Troublemakers! Block and Scotto Crash Subaru Show

Taking Rally America driver Ken "Flying Car" Block over to a Subaru gathering at a rainy Dave and Busters parking lot to sign posters and surprise the faithful seemed like a wicked awesome idea until the party got slightly out of hand. Block and Scotto himself shoed in with their Subarus to take the usual static car… » 4/28/07 3:03pm 4/28/07 3:03pm

X-Games Rallying: Americans Hold Their Own Against McRae

It's gotta be daunting to go up against Colin McRae in rally competition. It's like staging against Don Garlits or qualifying against Junior Johnson. Or going for a friendly jog with Carl Lewis. Then again, when you're Travis Pastrana, we imagine it takes a fair amount to faze you. And while the Vermont SportsCar… » 8/03/06 11:30pm 8/03/06 11:30pm

Scotto Can't Get Enough of the Rallying

Whether it's the point-to-point, party-to-party on-road banzai antics of the Bullrun and Gumball, or the off-highway, minimal-traction action of WRC, it seems like our boy Scotto just can't keep his face filled with rallying. It is food to him. As such, he's blogging over at this week in anticipation of the… » 8/02/06 12:00am 8/02/06 12:00am

Bullrun '06: Fontucky to Beverly Hills

The rally was originally supposed to end at The Grove, one of the tonier open-air shopping areas in Los Angeles. However, at the last minute, mall authorities reneged on the deal, as they'd been doing some research on the Internets and decided that the Bullrun wasn't a "family-friendly" event. During the drivers'… » 8/01/06 3:30pm 8/01/06 3:30pm

Bullrun '06: Party With Me Punker: San Diego Edition

If you want to blast across the country, you can do it for as little as the cost of gasoline, accomodations, coffee and any incidental repairs and speeding tickets you may incur. If you wanna do it on the Bullrun, you've gotta pony up 14k. As an embedded journalist, we were provided with two nights of accomodations,… » 7/31/06 9:00pm 7/31/06 9:00pm

Bullrun Verit: Blazing Saddles

"This is unofficial, but I'm pretty my camera guy is leading right now. We got caught in some traffic and he just got on the shoulder and took off — passed Rawlings — passed everybody. There's a TrailBlazer SS that just says "Rides Photo" on the side leading all these guys. We know for sure that the fastest it'll go… » 7/24/06 3:00pm 7/24/06 3:00pm

Bullrun Update: Loaded for Beer

"We're headed to the Budweiser plant in St. Louis Instead of leaving from the House of Blues, we left from another spot north of the city, which I think was to keep us out of traffic. The Cuban Brothers performed at the House of Blues last night. The scuttlebutt is that tonight will end somewhere in Kansas. I'm… » 7/24/06 2:30pm 7/24/06 2:30pm

Bullrun Update: Haller And Ward Need Chicagoland Speed Shop Help

If anyone out there's got a speed shop in Chicago, or has a buddy who does, Haller and Ward need your help as of right now. They're headed into the City of Big Shoulders with the Stude on Rawlings' trailer, and Kevin thinks he knows what the problem is — the lifters in the Chevy small block are toast. They need to… » 7/23/06 5:06pm 7/23/06 5:06pm

Scotto On The Bullrun!

Our boy Brian Scotto, who turned in coverage of the One Lap of America from his seat beside Ken Block in an STi, is jumping into a Z06 tomorrow for the Bullrun along with his Rides magazine publisher Ben Harris. So it's Jalopnik's 305-inch Chevy small block versus Rides' 427-inch small block. We're up over a hundred… » 7/21/06 8:30pm 7/21/06 8:30pm