Chery Making Out-Of-Scale Kei Vans?

We just came across a set of new spy shots of what appears to be an as-of-yet-unknown new Chery van which to us looks a whole lot like a plus-size kei-type van. Aside from noting the dude smoking a cigarette in the drivers seat and — is that toilet paper on the dash? Whatever, we've got nothing on this one. As you may… » 5/30/08 9:40am 5/30/08 9:40am

Ferrari Breadvan

Oh, you're going to nitpick me about whether or not the 456 Venice is a shooting brake? Well, I call your mouth and re-raise you all in with this: Behold the Breadvan. The car is a direct result of the infamous "Palace Revolt" of 1961 when many of Ferrari's top boffins were sacked and/or quit because of a dust up with… » 10/04/07 4:00pm 10/04/07 4:00pm