Fiat's New Small Pickup Supposedly Based On The Jeep Renegade's Platform

The new Fiat Toro compact crew-cab pickup truck has been revealed for the Brazilian market. While official details on the vehicle’s architecture haven’t been confirmed, local reporters in Brazil seem to think it shares at least part of the Jeep Renegade’s “small-wide” platform. »10/22/15 11:47am10/22/15 11:47am


One Of The Most Fun-Looking New Cars Costs $5K And Is Called 'The Runt'

Often, very cheap, basic little city cars have problems with status. They’re perceived as little rolling penalty boxes, an added insult to the need for frugality. That’s why Tata’s well-designed Nano sold slower than it was expected to — few people want to be seen in what’s known as a “cheap” car. But there does seem… »7/22/15 1:30pm7/22/15 1:30pm

The Volkswagen 'Fusck Up' Is The Best/Worst Car Name Ever

Last week, while researching the bizzare VW-powered Emis Art, I found another Emis product that grabbed my attention in a way I normally only associate with an unexpected hand to the genitals. The product itself, while interesting, wasn’t the shocking thing. It was the name, which, upon a quick glance, looked to be… »6/29/15 8:00pm6/29/15 8:00pm

Guess What's Under The Hood Of This Orthodontist-Designed Car

For the second time this week, I find myself reeling from the buzz of learning about another obscure car I never knew existed. This one also hails from South America, and while it’s still satisfyingly weird, inside there’s some very familiar oily bits. The car is called the Emis Art, and who knows what makes it so… »6/27/15 9:43am6/27/15 9:43am

The Designer Of One Of The Best Looking VWs Ever Just Died

Most people in the U.S. have no idea who Marcio Piancastelli is, and few are really all that aware of his designs. But to either Brazilians or geeky VW-philes, the man is a design legend, penning both the VW Brasilia and the SP-2. He passed yesterday at 79, and I think it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the man… »6/19/15 6:00pm6/19/15 6:00pm

Guy Does The Right Thing After Crashing Truck Almost Kills Him

This pedestrian was minding his own business, making his way up the sidewalk when a big rig hauling beverage cans took a turn too hard and hurled its contents at him. The quick-thinking fellow found refuge in a nook... and proceeded to start cleaning up the street soon as the spray settled. »6/02/15 9:00pm6/02/15 9:00pm

Why wanna have a Chevy Impala when you can have the Chevy Opala?

There are over 50 million cars cruising and crashing on Brazilian streets at the moment. Most are looking boring, some look promising. In 2010 the General Motors Corporation had a market share in Brazil of about 20 percent, as much as Volkswagen. As one of the largest manufacturers on this earth with a broad range of… »3/10/15 8:29am3/10/15 8:29am

IndyCar Didn't Even Know Brazil Was Canceling Its Season Opener

According to USA Today, IndyCar's season opener at the Autódromo Internacional Nelson Piquet in Brasília has been canceled. Brazilian reports suggest that the government agency that owns the track itself and was funding the event pulled out at the last minute, leaving IndyCar's March 8 opener without a home. »1/30/15 2:46pm1/30/15 2:46pm

This Brazil-Only Ghia May Be The Loveliest Air-Cooled VW Of All

That headline is actually a pretty controversial statement, since a great many in Aircooldom think that this car, the Brazilian Karmann-Ghia TC, is not lovely at all. The most common description is that it looks like the offspring of a Porsche 911 and a Pinto. I think it's lovely, and I want everyone to know it. »9/17/14 10:45pm9/17/14 10:45pm