Transformers Toys For Tots: Barricade, Brawl, Jazz And...Wreckage?

Well, it's Friday and we're feeling a bit of a hankering for some Transformers action, and our fave fan-boy site on all things 'formers is all about the toys today, scoring not only pictures of the Pontiac Solstice-bodied Jazz, the Saleen Mustang-bodied Barricade and the Abrams Battle Tank-bodied Brawl — but also… »2/02/07 11:52am2/02/07 11:52am


Exclusive Transformers Movie Pictures: Teletran-1 Needs To Explore For Ratchet, Bumblebee And Brawl!

The way the story of the Generation 1 Transformers goes — way back in episode numero uno — the Autobots went-a-searchin' for some energy ito beat the evil Decepticons. After the Autobot's ship, the Ark, was attacked by the Decepticons — it crash landed on Earth where it was buried under a dormant volcano for a few… »8/26/06 3:02pm8/26/06 3:02pm

EXCLUSIVE Transformers Update! Optimus Prime CG Partial Reveal!

So our boy Hue Hughes totally has the inside line on all things Transformers — and he's snagged us some shots purported to be CG tests of the main man himself, Optimus Prime. In addition, there's also a pic of our Camaro buddy Bumblebee, and his brawny brother Brawl. Click through the jump to check out the pics in… »8/17/06 1:30pm8/17/06 1:30pm