The Ten Worst Non-Automotive Product Tie-Ins With Automotive Brands

The Porsche-branded kitchen »8/27/08 2:00pm8/27/08 2:00pm earlier this week reminded us that automotive marketing gurus like to use their considerable name equity to brand products having nothing to do with cars. While sometimes this can help increase brand identity with the masses, here's our list of the ten auto-branded products which decrease…

Getting Cash Back On Your Lexus Is Not The Same As "Lexus Cash"

The above-pictured lady goes by the stage name Lexus Cash. We mentioned this story once before, and although we're still pretty sure we're able to tell the difference between her, a character on a porno site run by two metro Detroiters (who knew we had a porn industry?) and the Lexus brand, Lexus isn't so sure… »6/01/07 9:30am6/01/07 9:30am

The Critical Intersection Of Porn And Cars:

We know whenever we see porn, we think of Lexus — doesn't everybody? According to our fleshy porn-loving sister / brother sibling site Fleshbot, apparently Toyota was concerned about the potential for bran dilution of their up-scale Lexus brand by a li'l porn site that could — one (NSFW - obvs.), a site… »5/10/06 3:52pm5/10/06 3:52pm

Huh? Weird Detroit News Editorial About Cars for Women

Okay, far be it from us to be anti-woman. We like chicky things. We listen to wussy-in-touch-with-our feelings punk from the mid-'80s/mid '90s. We like to go shopping with our female friends and play Queer-Eyed Straight Guy fashion-consultant. We're thoroughly of that Gen-X conflicted-boy mindset. But this article… »2/08/06 9:59pm2/08/06 9:59pm

Benficiaries of Employee Pricing Actually Prefer Exclusion

Man, did we ever see this coming. While brand erosion's been a problem for American automakers since the 1970s, their latest bout with employee pricing caused all three of the Big Two-and-a-Half to take a hit in the cred department, according to a survey by badly-branded brand researcher Branddimensions. The issues… »10/18/05 10:37am10/18/05 10:37am