A Chrysler Challenger? Chrysler May Re-Assign Products To Specific Brands

The Fox-owned Journalof wiley-watchers of the street at Broad and Wall are reporting today Chrysler's mulling over an interesting brand strategy: »11/17/07 8:30am11/17/07 8:30am

Now wait, here's the fun part — and it should make any Mopar meatheads out there jump for joy: What? An end to platform prostitution? For serious? Now that'd be a real…

Dodge Needs Women: Chrysler Brand Shortens Slogan for Her Pleasure

According to BrandWeek, the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid wants more women to grasp the softer side of the Dodge brand. As part of that effort the horny brand will shorten its ad slogan from "Grab life by the horns" to the more — err — lame "Grab life" for a campaign we'll start seeing next month.… »4/12/07 2:30pm4/12/07 2:30pm