Why You Should Never Listen To Ride of the Valkyries While Driving

Time is a slippery continuum. Watching the hands on a clock tick will feel way, way different depending on the situation; trying to frantically write something on deadline with five minutes to spare ain't the same as desperately willing a conference call to finish more quickly. It turns out that music can have an… »2/02/14 1:28pm2/02/14 1:28pm


Toyota Looks to the Noggin, Video Games for Future Automotive Technologies

In two completely unrelated, yet similar plans, Toyota has hired some of the top brainiacs in the world. You would expect these brainiacs to dive deep into the mind of Toyota's best to figure out why the hell anyone would want a violin-playing robot. Instead, they'll be involved in two diametrically opposite but… »12/19/07 9:15am12/19/07 9:15am