NASCAR Could Bring A Chase-Like Championship Format To Its Truck Series 

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series could see some big championship changes in its future—according to reports from, a format mimicking the Sprint Cup Series’ Chase is under consideration. As ironic as it is, reports of these talks come during Matt Kenseth’s suspension for intentionally wrecking… »11/08/15 3:08pm11/08/15 3:08pm


Keselowski Blasts NASCAR As 'Entertainment' Over Playoff Rule Enforcement

Let’s call the Chase for the Sprint Cup what it is: a playoff. When you’re closing out the season, that’s the worst time to start enforcing rules more strictly. After an unusually strict restart penalty, Brad Keselowski called NASCAR “an entertainment sport” as opposed to a “fair” one, questioning NASCAR’s credibility… »9/30/15 3:51pm9/30/15 3:51pm

Watch NASCAR Driver Brad Keselowski Get Attacked By The Sharknado

Plenty of NASCAR fans, drivers and crew have their reasons for wanting to take a swing at Brad Keselowski, but what about sending in a Sharknado? As in, a ridiculous made-for-TV tornado full of sharks? If you’ve got a beef with Keselowski, your day has just been made. Look who’s in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
»6/05/15 5:07pm6/05/15 5:07pm

You Can't Work On The Car When The Race Is Red-Flagged For Rain

NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano and their Penske team wish this wasn’t the case, as they have a lot of work to do to get the two cars ready to race again from an incident on lap 19. Unfortunately, the race was red flagged for thunderstorms on lap 22, which leaves both teams high and...well,… »4/19/15 5:10pm4/19/15 5:10pm

NASCAR Penalizes Crew, But Not Drivers For Huge Fight At Texas

Per NASCAR, it's throwing a punch that crosses the line if you're fighting in the pits after a race. I guess headlocks aren't hardcore enough. Four crew members were hit with fines and suspensions, and their crew chiefs were fined and placed on probation for not properly overseeing their crew. »11/05/14 9:32am11/05/14 9:32am

Former F1 Doctor Replies to Brad Keselowski's "Doctors don't Understand Our Sport."

By now, most of you who follow NASCAR have either read the 2012 Sprint Cup Champ's cringe inducing comments on concussions, or watched as he doubled, then tripled down his remarks on Twitter. His remarks ranged from the uneducated to the down right insulting, peppered with a heaping dose of some "self responsibility,"… »10/26/13 6:35pm10/26/13 6:35pm