Former F1 Doctor Replies to Brad Keselowski's "Doctors don't Understand…

By now, most of you who follow NASCAR have either read the 2012 Sprint Cup Champ's cringe inducing comments on concussions, or watched as he doubled, then tripled down his remarks on Twitter. His remarks ranged from the uneducated to the down right insulting, peppered with a heaping dose of some "self responsibility,"… » 10/26/13 6:35pm 10/26/13 6:35pm

How A NASCAR Pro Almost Made Me Hurl In A Ford F-150 Tremor

Ford invited members of the automotive media to take a first ride in the new Ford F-150 Tremor at Michigan International Speedway. They even invited professional wheelman and 2012 Sprint Cup Champ Brad Keselowski to hoon us around a bit. They should have done this before lunch. » 8/21/13 2:12pm 8/21/13 2:12pm

NASCAR Fans And Driver Pile On 'Clueless' Female Racer After Race

Saturday's Nationwide Cup race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway was loaded down with drama after Kevin Harvick blamed his late-in-the-race second place finish to Brad Keselowski on a rookie driver. » 7/15/12 11:30am 7/15/12 11:30am

How Twitter Took Over NASCAR

Last night on national television, America's wonkiest social media platform, Twitter, and its supposedly most backward sport, NASCAR, exploded together into a massive fireball fueled by jet propellant, secret phones, and good/bad timing. Here's the story of how one driver picked up 100,000 followers in two hours and… » 2/28/12 12:00pm 2/28/12 12:00pm