Brabus Bullit Black Arrow Finally Goes On Sale, Takes Mercedes C-Class To The Extreme

No, that's not Darth Vader. Nope, it's the Brabus Bullit Black Arrow and trust us, it's got more in common with Vader than the Mustang variant with the same name. We showed you the new Brabus-built C-Class first back at the Frankfurt Auto Show a couple months ago, but now the Deutsch tuners of all things Daimler have… » 6/10/08 7:30am 6/10/08 7:30am

BRABUS Bullit Black Arrow Is Blacker Than Ever

BRABUS introduced the wicked Brabus Bullit V12-powered C-Class sleeper at Frankfurt last year and, not wanting to let floor space go to waste, has introduced the follow up Black Arrow. Like the previous Bullit, the sedan still sports the 6.3-Liter V12 Biturbo engine good for 720 horsepower and 974 ft.-lbs. of torque… » 3/03/08 5:45pm 3/03/08 5:45pm

BRABUS SLR McLaren Roadster, Matching Smart ULTIMATE 112: Because Rich People Love Accessories

Like Turner and Hootch, Tango and Cash, Gary Busey and a bottle of scotch, Mercedes-tuner BRABUS has put together a winning pair for the Geneva Motor Show. This time it's a Mercedes SLR McLaren and a Smart Fortwo. The SLR McLaren gets a new white carbon fiber bodykit, 20-inch alloy wheels, special interior and an… » 3/03/08 10:40am 3/03/08 10:40am

Mercedes E 300 BLUETEC Turbodiesel Gets A BRABUS Boost

Does your BLUETEC E-Class Benz not give you quite the power you were hoping for? Does 400 lb.-ft. of torque leave you cold inside? BRABUS, tuner of all things Mercedes, might have an answer to your uniquely affluent problems. A new upgrade from BRABUS boosts power by 47 horsepower and about 50 lb.-ft. of torque, to… » 1/30/08 3:15pm 1/30/08 3:15pm

Brabus Gives the Mercedes GL a Wide Stance

Not known for subtlety, the boys and girls at Brabus have taken the standard GL-Class Mercedes Benz, which was already a decently mean looking ride, and have touched it up in a way that reminds us why the French built the Maginot Line. The first thing you notice is the giganto-style aesthetic, which includes wider… » 12/13/07 11:15am 12/13/07 11:15am

Brabus-Tuned Maybach 57 Hits 205 mph in Nardo

There's a record for everything, though not every one gets equal weight among the record watchers. Take, for example, the title of Fastest and Most Exclusive Luxury Sedan. Show up at the Guinness doorstep with that belt, and they'll send you packing along with the guy sporting the world's largest buttocks-region… » 11/19/07 9:20pm 11/19/07 9:20pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Brabus "Bullit" V12 C-Class

There are a few key points you need to know about this monster. The bored-out 6.3-liter twin-turbo V12 produces 720 hp and 974 lb-ft of torque. That's 52 torques more than a Veyron. However, the twist is electronically limited to 811 lb-ft. Presumably so as to not blow up the rear end/tranny. Still, this is enough… » 9/13/07 3:45pm 9/13/07 3:45pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Brabus Ultimate 112 Smart Fortwo

Shrinking the t-top Pontiac Firebird concept down to a road hugging turbo minicar is the Brabus Smart Fortwo Cabrio. Touted as a true city sports car by the Smarts, the diminutive urban block carver features a searing orange paint job and cabrio top that folds away in seconds. The rest of the roof stows away in a back… » 9/12/07 12:30pm 9/12/07 12:30pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Brabus "Bullit" V12 C-Class

While Steve McQueen probably drove a 1968 300SEL 6.3, he'd probably have some use for the latest Brabus Merc. It's the Bullit C-Class, a Q-ship with 730 horsepower and enough torque to turn the autobahn into world's largest ball of concrete. In typically arse-over-tit fashion, Brabus shoehorned the tuned, 6.3-liter… » 9/10/07 10:15am 9/10/07 10:15am

It's CL-obbering Time: Brabus SV12 S Biturbo Coupe

The engineers at Brabus, whom we hear laugh maniacally while performing outlandish feats of speed in overclocked Mercedes iron, have turned their attention to the Mercedes CL-Class. The result is the Brabus SV12 S Biturbo Coupe, a 730-hp sleeper with a top speed of 211 mph and enough torque, at 973 lb-ft, to turn the… » 5/15/07 7:47am 5/15/07 7:47am

Startech Tunes Dodge Caliber, Still Not A Pig And Bear Edition

The German tuners of all things from the 'merican side of DaimlerDouche market have taken it upon themselves to tune the killer of Pig and Bear for the Euro market. Specifically, they've made the Caliber CRD a bit more precise with an "aerodynamic-enhancement program" and some engine tunage. The aero-precision starts… » 4/12/07 8:30am 4/12/07 8:30am

Package Grabber: Brabus Tunes the Mercedes C-Class

Those can't-leave-well-enough-alone types at Brabus are introducing their tuning package for the Mercedes C-Class concurrently with the redesigned entry-Merc's launch. Performance wise, the Brabus C is in the hottish range. The company's tweaked 332 hp out of the Mercedes 3.5-liter V6, mainly by way of an overbore to… » 3/26/07 12:40pm 3/26/07 12:40pm