American Family Association Renews Ford Boycot Threat

You knew this was coming. We may be city slickers from way back, but we know one thing about good 'ol boys: You cross one over, y'all better prepare for a goddamn ba-rawl. Ford may soon learn that lesson in spectacular (or at least really, really annoying) fashion. The company had averted a boycott with the Reverend… »12/16/05 9:10am12/16/05 9:10am


Ford Bends to American Family Association on Gay Rights Support

Ford Motor apparently caved to the religio-fascist thugs drunk-with-power American Family Association, which announced earlier this year it was censuring the automaker for supporting a gay and lesbian rights group. The AFA, which was set to boycott Ford starting today, called off its full-frontal attack for reasons… »12/01/05 9:06am12/01/05 9:06am