The Luxury Box Is A Car That Needs To Exist

Actually, it's not just a particular car that needs to exist, it's a whole new segement. And, sure, you'd think that every possible car segment has already been thought of, and while this one may have been considered before, it's not really available. What is this segment? It's the box. But not just any box. The luxury » 3/17/15 4:00pm 3/17/15 4:00pm

All Hail the First Video of a Clear-Rims Burnout: The Garfield Box

Too early for a moment of Zen, you say? Ok, then, how about a wake-up call. This cartoonishly orange high-riser box Chevrolet Caprice fitted with $30,000 clear rims, performing a class-1 burnout, offers a more bracing start to the day than cold OJ ever could. Enjoy, in a sense. » 3/14/07 7:31am 3/14/07 7:31am