Boris Said Challenges Joey Hand To A Duel

We don't want to give anything away, but someone looking like a young, bearded Glenn Close took some time out of his busy schedule to slap BMW driver Joey Hand in the face towards the end of the Rolex 24. » 1/31/11 3:30pm 1/31/11 3:30pm

NASA’s Western Endurance Racing Championship

You've raced in a few 24 Hours of LeMons and ChumpCar events which means you've already got a roll-cage installed in Mom's Oldsmobile. Where do you go from there? NASA's Western Endurance Racing Championship series. » 3/14/10 6:00pm 3/14/10 6:00pm

Daytona 500 Live-Blog: Drive Quickly, Call Me Jeff Gordon...

Yup, the man in the rainbow brite car's moved up from 42nd place to 20th, and somehow Boris Said found a way to disappoint his legions of Said-heads by taking himself out of the race. » 2/18/07 4:35pm 2/18/07 4:35pm

Classic IMSA Action at the Monterey Historics

Armed with only our trusty little Nikon Coolpix L3 — which is a fine we camera for shooting things that happen to be static, but not so good for objects moving at a high rate of speed — and Pen's access to the trackside Ferrari Club of America tent, we went for broke shooting the no talkin' man, all action IMSA race.… » 8/23/06 8:15pm 8/23/06 8:15pm