What boring new car do you recommend to your friends?

Like many car lovers, when my non automotive obsessed friends are in search of car purchasing advice, I am usually the first one to get a call. After they listen to my standard automotive advice (Don't buy a '57 Plymouth) my friends usually ask me to point them in the right direction towards a new and what I would… »7/09/11 4:00pm7/09/11 4:00pm

NASCAR Drivers Tee Off In New Golf Tour, Sunday Napping To Hit All Time High

We were already yawning by the time we made it to the bottom of the press release hailing the beginning of the Horse Power Tee Shot Tour, an unholy union of golf and NASCAR. The new tour will be equipped with drivers from the psuedo-racing series, using only drivers to strike the ball, and being scored not for… »3/28/08 10:00am3/28/08 10:00am