2009 Pirelli Calendar: Elephants And A Whole Load Of NSFW

It's that time of year again, when Pirelli sends aspiring Playboy »11/25/08 12:00pm11/25/08 12:00pm photographers out on calendar assignment, letting them dream up ridiculous ways to photograph nude or nearly nude models in exotic locations. What this has to do with the business of selling tires we have no idea. Whatever, nekkid ladies! Hit the jump…

The Booth Professionals of the 2008 Guangzhou International Auto Show

As a result of covering an auto show »11/21/08 7:30pm11/21/08 7:30pm or in our time, we've become veritable connoisseurs regarding the mistresses of motors we lovingly refer to as Booth Professionals. We've brought you delightful displays of debutantes from far away locations such as , , and . Apologies for the blurry nature of a few of these…

GM-Daewoo Limits Self To Only 30 Booth Babes At 2007 Seoul Motor Show

Some automakers are users and abusers of the "booth babes," including them in displays in order to create a visceral reaction from the high horsepower cars and attractive women perched atop them. The automakers that employ them are all over using them because they want the auto writing media folks to do two things —… »3/23/07 1:40pm3/23/07 1:40pm

Beaucoup Belgium Booth Babes: The 2006 International Tuning Salon

The 2006 International Tuning Salon just finished up over in Belgium and although we weren't there, the pictures and video we've seen indicate it was one hell of a party. Although the 330 custom cars and tuners are more than outmatched by the orgy of aftermarket product uses on display at SEMA, the copious flesh on… »11/14/06 1:01pm11/14/06 1:01pm