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Daihatsu Boon Headed to Europe as Subie!

Dammit! The Boon has us surrounded and we are powerless to resist. Our favorite keicar is headed to Europe to be sold as a Subaru. Of course, this opens up potential for an STi version of the fully-awesome Boon X4. It's enough for us to consider closing up our Pedro office and founding a Jalopnik Paris bureau. The… » 1/03/07 10:00pm 1/03/07 10:00pm

David Johansen is Making Out With ParanoidAndroid07

We really thought the Loverman would nail this one, but apparently, commenter ParanoidAndroid07's taste in experimental rock ranges beyond mopey Brit-types and into at-all-costs San Pedro corndogs obsessed with politics, poetry and brevity. Here's the winning comment: "Because it is the Daihatsu Boon and has a D on… » 8/10/06 6:00pm 8/10/06 6:00pm