Hyundai's Amsterdam Ad Agency Must Be Run By Horny Teens

Hyundai's new ad campaign for their Santa Fe uses a tried-and-true sales tool—sex — but in a creepily delusional way. Seeing their latest ad, classily named Upskirt, is like decoding the MRI of a masturbating junior high boy and converting it into video. » 9/27/12 2:30pm 9/27/12 2:30pm

Two Women, A Fishbowl, And A Renault On The Nürburgring

As part of a bizarre ad campaign, Renaultsport got Margot Laffite (F1 driver Jacque Laffite's daughter) to lap the ‘Ring in a Twingo RS with a fetching young lady onboard holding a goldfish. Attention goldfish, nous approchons le Carrousel! » 7/18/12 12:20pm 7/18/12 12:20pm

Hot Blondes Love To Drift?

The latest in the never-ending series of hot-girls-meet-sideways-car videos comes to us from Turner Motorsport, who run their BMW M3 in Grand Am. Today's twist? The girls have a really good time. » 6/13/12 1:00pm 6/13/12 1:00pm

Politician Accidentally Turns Campaign Bus Into Girls Gone Wild Ad

Canadian politician Danielle Smith and her conservative Wildrose Party are hoping to unseat the liberal Progressive Conservatives and set the agenda for Alberta's future. It's unfortunate for her, then, that her party sounds like the name of a gentleman's club and her campaign bus has wheels in a particularly awkward… » 3/19/12 4:00pm 3/19/12 4:00pm

NSFW "Girl in Toyota Supra" video is totally fake

This very NSFW video stands as further proof that even the most obviously phony and staged clips will draw eyeballs given enough footage of bouncing tits and tire smoke — especially the former. » 11/01/11 1:00pm 11/01/11 1:00pm

VIDEO: Russian Car Insurance Sold With Boobs

How do you sell an unsexy product like car insurance in Russia? With breasts, of course. Hey, if it worked for Russian tires, it'll work here. Warning: These two videos are definitely NSFW. » 6/21/10 4:00pm 6/21/10 4:00pm

Teen Hit By Car After Flashing Boobs

A New Zealand teenager has been fined $198 NZD after she was hit by a car because she distracted the driver by flashing her boobs. The teenager, Cherelle May Dudfield, received only minor injuries in the accident. » 12/17/09 2:30pm 12/17/09 2:30pm

Google Streetview, Now Mapping Boobs

While Google Streetview is a clever step towards total information awareness, actually doing the driving for the project has got to be mind numbingly boring. Our eyes tend to start glazing over after about 15 minutes of suburban driving, so thousands of miles through Homewood, Illinois could qualify as a ring of hell.… » 5/16/08 9:40am 5/16/08 9:40am